With the crowds in shopping centres dwindling out and more people turning to online shopping, I wonder: Is shopping just about the purchases and transactions? How about the experience of walking into a mall, browsing through stores and of course, admiring the carefully curated window view?

URBAN REVIVO, a fast luxury brand, recently collaborated with artist Pauline Yau to bring her artwork to all its Singapore store fronts. This collaboration is a part of URBAN REVIVO x ART – a project to reflect the brand’s passion and eagerness to keep supporting the Arts. It also doesn’t hurt that this helps the brand stand out too, among the other generic store fronts in a mall.

This particular collaboration is striking as the chosen material is paper. Surprisingly, this basic element wows when manipulated, shaped and created to take a different form. This leaves a lasting impression on the viewer and feels almost familiar to everyone, which is inviting.

Popspoken interviews artist Pauline Yau to find out more about her choice material and what does it take to conceptualise a shop window.

Popspoken: Why the use of paper as a chosen material? 

Pauline Yau: I use a lot of materials but I am always drawn back to paper. It holds a lot of meaning, and it is very accessible. I don’t have any problems sourcing paper.

I sometimes make my own paper, and sometimes its recycled. A lot of my installations is about wastage – I don’t like wastage and with paper it can get up-cycled, recycled, broken down or used again. This is the main reason why I use Paper.

Everything has a lifespan, everything has a journey. So my projects are like a journey – there’s the beginning, the production and its lifespan. Eventually it will be dismantled, and things don’t last forever. Paper as a medium evolves, changes and grows. It is sad when we take down the installations, but I’m happy knowing that there is no big carbon footprint and no wastage.

I like the natural cycle how paper ages, where the light can effect the paper and changes its colour. There’s so many different tones of colour that you can put together. It is endlessly exciting. When I go to a paper store, I get excited just touching every kind of paper there.



PS: What are some considerations you make to conceptualise a shop window display? 

PY: I will always  consider the brands ethos and what they stand for.

I like to work closely with the clients to understand what it is they are looking for and what I can create for them.

It’s very important to know about the size and space of the window, whether I’ll be able to create something enormous  and wild or something quite small and delicate.


PS: Do you think shop window displays are underrated by the public? Why or why not? 

PY: Sometimes I feel like perhaps the public may not appreciate the concept of why stores like to be different and stand out.

But, I do think there are many people who do appreciate and would like to see more creative window displays.

Living in Hong Kong there are many store/boutiques that really support bringing in artists to really create something very different for there interiors & exteriors, so the public will be more attracted and drawn in, and for sure really showcase different artists work.


PS: What would a good shop window display make a mall goer feel? 

PY: I really think no matter how big or small the creative installation of the window, I would hope that it will just make people stop and appreciate it for a moment, and obviously for the store attract people to go inside.


PS: What’s another project would you love to embark on with your art?

PY: I’m currently working on a small exhibition piece, which is quite exciting. I have been commissioned for many commercial installations which takes up a  lot of my time, so this is purely a piece which will be from the heart!

You can visit and view Pauline’s designs at URBAN REVIVO‘s Singapore stores at Plaza Singapura as well as Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Photography courtesy of the event.


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