Millennial is a word that is constantly associated with avocado on toast, crossfit and an unhealthy amount of selfies on various social media platforms. However, is that all there is to being a millennial in this day and age, and in Singapore – youthful, spendthrift and indulgent?

We completely beg to differ from the stereotypical millennial we have all read about before. As a youth myself, I would like to think that we are a generation that has found a voice and learnt how to use it to encourage positive change in the world we live in. Openness in accepting differences and a willingness to work towards fair representation as well as supporting causes that truly matter to us, these are just some things we partake in actively to push for a future we want.

Photo credit: SHINE Festival 2017

Photo credit: SHINE Festival 2017

With this mindset as youths, there are many festivals and activities in store for the rest of the month to encourage the growing passions and contributions to society. The events below are just some of the few planned this July, among many other activities and promotions available.

In celebration of Youth Month, a month-long celebration of youths’ talents, dreams and positive contributions by the National Youth Council this year, Singapore’s very first silent teabar Hush will be launching their project #Young&Hush. It is a space to encourage the hearing and the deaf to come together over tea appreciation. Also, this customised experience hopes to promote mental wellness and care to counter the mental health epidemic in Singapore.

Photo credit: Darren 'Merovign' Tan

Photo credit: Darren ‘Merovign’ Tan

“There is a common saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. I think the current generation with the opportunities we are given enables us to be more vocal about the kind of change we want to see. So, many times, we speak up and act towards this change,” Nicholas Yeo, 25, programme director of AIESEC Singapore, shared. “Maybe 20 to 30 years ago, information wasn’t so readily available, but now we have easy access to resources. So when we see causes we are passionate about, we can act towards it. It makes the possibility more tangible as a reality now.”

Photo credit: AISEAC

Photo credit: AIESEC

AIESEC is a youth-led organisation that runs internationally to encourage volunteerism and further development of leader qualities among youths, and will be organising the very first Singapore International Volunteer Festival (SIVF) 2017. The three-day festival will highlight the global goals of the United Nations, sharing of stories from past participants in a celebratory fashion and a poverty simulation. It aims to broaden the perspectives of youths in Singapore, and increase their understanding of the society and world issues happening around.

Known for sharing world perspectives from youths and social issues as well, the M1 Peer Pleasure Youth Theatre Festival 2017 is back for its third edition. It is a platform for aspiring youth playwrights to showcase their works under the guidance of professional theatre practitioners. This year’s edition has a triple bill performance featuring Nonsense by Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) as well as Without Reason – a play about inter-racial relationships and pressures of growing up.

Photo credit: ArtsWok Collaborative

Photo credit: ArtsWok Collaborative

“Having the opportunity to work with the youths and artists in the privileged space of the Esplanade recital studio, such an opportunity has made me grow as a person. I am more aware about my flaws and what I can do improve them, as well as my strengths,” John Chow, 18, a production volunteer from M1 Peer Pleasure this year, after being an audience member at last year’s festival.

“I have realized that for theatre, doing one performance after another is not an achievement, it is life experience that is rewarding in its own way. Theatre, like life, is meant to be expansive in terms of what you can get out of it and not so much about achieving something out of doing and creating something. Through this experience, I have learned to see what are the things that matter – and one of it is courage to do what’s right.

The greatest lesson I have ever learnt in the process of “Nonsense” is sometimes you have see and empathise with others before you can see yourself.”

Ang Kia Yee, 21, a youth reporter with the festival for her second consecutive year, “The plays are full of heart and spirit and speak quite earnestly about the Singapore community. It is about people like us, and, like most art, dreams of people we can be.”

Photo credit: Band of Doodlers

Photo credit: Band of Doodlers

For the visual arts, local group Band of Doodlers will be spearheading an exhibition celebrating 52 years of nation-building. 52 Tales will be going on an island-wide tour and showcases 52 works done in collaboration by youth artists about Singapore’s heritage and folklore.

These are just some of the few events happening all over our sunny island this month to celebrate what being a youth in Singapore today, and to empower us to keep pursuing our hopes and dreams.

And guess what?

Besides being able to participate in all the events lined up for us, look out for the various promotions that will maximise our dollar and enjoyment this July.

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Some of our favourite offers would be, getting your new kicks at a discounted price from New Balance, delivered juice from The Juicy Way, one-for-one drinks at SOI 55 and bouncing around at Bossaball. For more promotional offers you can redeem as a youth, check out the National Youth Council Facebook page. Kickstart your money-saving self-love today.

Show off your Millennial pride this July!


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