It’s finally happening: Oscar Best Picture winner Moonlight is coming to Singapore.

After a month-long wait, indie cinema outfit The Projector revealed on their Facebook page Thursday that the movie – featuring a gay black man’s coming-of-age story – will be coming “really soon” to their cinemas:

The Projector has been known for screening select Oscars films such as Elle which features Oscars’ Best Actress nominee Isabelle Huppert.

A check on the Shaw Movies website also revealed that the Barry Jenkins-directed movie will be released on April 27 in their cinemas, although a rating for the movie was yet to be specified.

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In a post on Facebook, radio DJ Joshua Simon said he had watched Moonlight while in New York, contrasting the delay in the movie – a serious representation of a gay man – to readily-available content in Singapore where gay characters are portrayed as comic relief.

“That’s what you allow and do to my culture,” said Mr Simon. “(Moonlight is) an important movie, not just for Hollywood, but to gay men everywhere.”

Moonlight would likely be passed with an R21 rating without any cuts, said film educator Mr Eternality Tan to Popspoken.

“On paper, ‘Moonlight’ doesn’t immediately strike me as a red card kind of film for (the) IMDA,” he said.

Mr Tan also said Moonlight handles the issue of race more substantially “which may temper the gay elements”.


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