Cirque Adrenaline is all it promises to be – full of daredevil stunts and death-defying performances. Beyond that, it puts the human will power as well as the limits of the human body to the test. With bright lights and bass-heavy music, the entire two-hour performance is a spectacle to behold.

Surprised gasps and screams aside, 18-years old Danny Partridge kicks us off with his clowning. Also known as Dizzy, he has beaten 4000 individuals to earn the spot as a Famous Butlin’s Red Coat Entertainer. No surprise there. His comedic timing is spot-on, and despite a tough crowd, he got everybody to ease up.

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Audience members will sit through (at the edge of their seats) a total of 15 acts. Ranging from the beautiful to the fear-inducing, it is a wild ride with your adrenaline levels surging. The closer your seat is, the more you experience.

The beautiful acrobatics on Lyra is executed by Danila Vieira Bim, while Duo Strap will have Oleksii Mishchenko and Anastasiia Mischenko. The lines of their body and their effortlessness in showcasing their craft is impressive. The Strong Men, Joshua McGahan and Mark Flores leave us breathless through lifts, stunts and amazing coordination. That can also be said about the Rolla Bolla by Gediminas Pavlovicius, the Extreme Team as well as the High Bar act.


The highlights are Sphere of Fear by Daniel Varanne, Hadami Guezah, Marcio Benelli, Luciano Reyes and Extreme Fire by Dai Murata (Asian represent!).

Just the idea of bringing in real fire and motorcycles into the theatre is pretty exciting. Catching them live is even better. Even though their acts are pretty faraway and that makes it easier to disengage, the sequences are still amazing nonetheless. Though dangerous, the team made a great effort to choreograph the stage. That appeals greatly in terms of visuals and makes the experience wholesome.

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What really stole the show, however, has got to be Wheel of Death done by Carlos Macias and Angelo Rodriguez. Placed the closest to the audience, we are thoroughly enchanted and hypnotised by the wheel. With only themselves to rely on to balance the spinning, we look on as they jump, flip and continuously push their boundaries. We certainly understand why this act was abandoned before the 1970s due to fatal accidents.

Through pure discipline, will power and performing to their very limits as human-beings, Cirque Adrenaline not only steals your breath away. The show also looks to earn your admiration and applause.

Are you ready?

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Cirque Adrenaline

Date: 15th – 25th December 2016

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Mastercard Theatres

Time: Various options available

Admission: From $55 (Get your tickets at Sistic or Marina Bay Sands.)


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