Hoping to reawaken your childhood dreams of visiting the land of Oz? Well, be ready to dress up in every shade of green because “Broadway’s biggest blockbuster” – Wicked The Musical is back! Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, everyone’s favourite musical is back on our shores after its 2011 debut.

Complete with fresh blocking and a whole new cast, this staging of Wicked is right off the theatres in the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland. This particular staging focuses its tale on the wonder of magic and of course, the friendship that brews between Glinda The Good and the Wicked Witch of The West.

So, if you have caught the production back in 2011, like we have, is it still worth it to watch it a second time?

Popspoken shares with you why you should.


Vocal Prowess That Defies Gravity

All we can say is, this cast can really sing. Every single song from the beginning to the end are strong, emotional and done with such ease that it leaves you breathless. Defying Gravity, sung by Carly Anderson as Glinda and Jacqueline Hughes as Elphaba, will definitely give you goosebumps.

What do we mean by that?

We will let you find that out for yourself, but let’s just say that none of the notes were done in falsetto.


Costumes That Leave You Green With Envy

This production has a cast of 34 and each performer has about four to five costumes. Every single piece are different in the use of materials, style and the final silhouette on the body. When everyone comes together on stage, it truly is magical how each of them are so unique yet united in their looks. We loved how the designer Susan Hilferty really made the costumes embody every single character – from the main cast to the ensemble – and told their individual stories through fashion.

Fun fact: The fastest costume change takes only eight seconds.


Larger Than Life Characters

The thing about musicals is that sometimes, the cast are able to sing but not act, or vice versa. Thank goodness we did not have such an experience this time.

The cast brought their characters to life with bombastic personality traits shining on stage. It made the story progress clearly and successfully touched our hearts. Even the singing was not just belting out notes, but also showcased the emotions of the character laced within.

The mastery of acting, singing and choreography all at the same time left us in awe.


Details, Details and More Details

In the Land of Oz, everything from clothing to furniture will always be slightly tilted to the side. Nothing is ever in perfect balance. In this production, the creative team made it a point to just subtly tilt everything on stage. Even though these details might not be the most obvious, we feel that the integrity kept for this magical world is respectable. It also becomes really exciting when you spot the tiny adjustments, like Glinda’s tiara.


Wicked – The Award-Winning Broadway & West End Musical

Date: Now – 20 November 2016

Venue: Grand Theatre, Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Time: Weekdays – 8pm, Saturdays – 2pm & 8pm, Sundays – 1pm & 6pm

Admission: From$55 (Purchase your tickets here.)

Photography Credit: Matt Crockett


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