Now in its 9th year, the Perspectives Film Festival (PFF) returns this October with a carefully curated slate of seven films that relate to the theme of surrealism. Organised solely by students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the PFF is a large-scale student-run annual film festival in Singapore. 

A total of 7 films have been chosen to be screened, with four of them having their Singapore Premieres (SP). The Perspectives Film Festival is set to open with animated film Fantastic Planet, recipient of the Special Jury Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival. At its time, the film was thought to be innovative with its use of the cutout stop-motion technique. 

The rest of the films are (in no particular order):


Eraserhead - Perspectives Film Festival - Popspoken

Film director David Lynch launched his filmmaking career with Eraserhead, his debut feature film. He is widely considered a pioneer of surrealist cinema in American independent filmmaking, and Eraserhead sparked a trend of confidence for other US filmmakers to introduce surrealism into their films.

Daisies (SP)

Daisies - Perspectives Film Festival - Popspoken

Recipient of the Grand Prix from the Belgian Film Critics Association in 1969, this 1966 film from Czechoslovakia was hailed a milestone of the Czech New Wave movement. It’s director Vera Chytilova experimented with unique visual techniques to craft, in her words, a “philosophical documentary in the form of a farce”. This film was banned for a year upon its completion.

The Dance of Reality (SP)

The Dance of Reality - Perspectives Film Festival - Popspoken

Touted as a surrealist master, filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky made his return to directing films after 23 years with The Dance of Reality, a biographical fantasy drama that tells the tale of his own childhood in Chile.

Endless Poetry (SP)

Endless Poetry - Perspectives Film Festival - Popspoken

Following The Dance of Reality, filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky makes his second of five planned autobiographical films with Endless Poetry. This sequel follows an older Alejandro as he discovers his passion for poetry. 

The Taste of Tea

The Taste of Tea - Perspectives Film Festival - Popspoken

Set in the Tochigi prefecture in Tokyo, The Taste of Tea traces the life of a suburban Japanese family. Film director Katsuhito Ishii draws numerous influences for this film, as it is reminiscent of the works from Japanese auteur Yasujiro Ozu and Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

The Man Who Fell To Earth 

The Man who Fell to Earth - Perspectives Film Festival - Popspoken

A nominee for the Golden Bear in the 1976 Berlin International Film Festival, science fiction drama The Man Who Fell To Earth is director Nicolas Reg’s first attempt at sci-fi. The film also stars the late David Bowie in the lead role as an alien. 

Also running alongside the festival will be a surrealist art exhibition and some masterclasses in the days prior to the festival. This presents a rare chance to get up close to experts of the surrealist movement, so be sure not to miss it!

The Perspectives Film Festival will run from 27 October to 30 October and films will be screened across two locations: The Projector and the National Museum of Singapore (NMS).

Perspectives Film Festival

NMS and The Projector
Theme: Breakthroughs in Cinema in Surrealism
Dates: 27 to 30 October

Find out more about the festival, ticketing, and film lineup over at Perspective’s website.
Tickets are now available for sale through all SISTIC channels.
You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram for more updates.


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