BURN, a Singapore movie aimed at raising the standards of local action flicks to that of international levels, needs your help to become a reality. Led by actor-producer filmmaker Luke Lee, the Singapore production will be backed by a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign that aims to raise USD$200,000 (S$270,000) by 1 June, 2016.

It began today on 3 May, 2016. Perks of contributing to the project ranges from receiving official movie memorabilia to getting your name in the movie credits and even being featured in the movie as an extra! It’s not everyday that such great deals come by.

Credit: Eric Chen PR

Producer-actor Luke Lee (Credit: Eric Chen RR)

Lee, 24, is best known for playing Sergeant Jed Heng in local filmmaker Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men flicks. In Burn, he plays main character and protagonist Shen, a ruthless ex-hitman who seeks revenge on a criminal mastermind whom he worked for previously. If anything, Lee is fuelled by a burning passion to see a genre-breaking local action-thriller that will give Hollywood a run for its money.

Credit: BURN

Singaporean actress Pamelyn Chee (Credit: BURN)

Fighting (and acting) alongside Lee are local actors Pamelyn Chee, Keagan Kang, Paul Foster and Fish Chaar. One thing that the cast all share in common is a background in martial arts. Skills vary from Muay thai (Chee) to basic sword (Kang) and Taekwondo (Foster). It is this reason that Luke will make the movie without stunt doubles and to enhance the physical realism of its fight scenes. I mean, surely you can tell when somebody actually knows how to fight or if they had to learn how to fight in a movie?

Credit: BURN

Action and stunts to be shown in BURN (Credit: BURN)

The movie is set to be directed by filmmaker James Lee from Malaysia and its fight scenes will be choreographed by Singapore-born, Hollywood-based action director Jennifer Phillips. Her credits include Thor, 300, Salt and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. If the names of these Hollywood movies are anything to go by, it only goes to show that the movie will be worth every penny!

Burn has a projected budget of up to $2 million and filming locations include Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the US. It is scheduled to be filmed in July 2016 and released in theatres February 2017. Still not convinced? Check out this 1-minute teaser trailer video that hopes to showcase the vision that Lee has for this film.


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