Fans of Wing Chun legend Ip Man can finally catch IP MAN 3 when it opens in Singapore on New Year’s Eve this year!

The highly-anticipated sequel to IP MAN 2 in the Chinese martial arts film series will finally hit our screens come 31 December 2015.

Ip Man 3 teaser poster

Ip Man 3 teaser poster

Ip Man (Donnie Yen 甄子丹) takes on disciple Bruce Lee and engages in frequent sparring sessions to hone his skill. Lee is brought to life with visual effects, and it remains to be seen how convincing his “cinematic” return to the big screen will be.

Lee, who last appeared on cinema screens in 1972, was an iconic martial artist and action star whose untimely passing in 1973 broke the hearts of millions around the globe. More than 40 years since his death, his “re-appearance” in the movies will be one to look out for, as he is introduced to a whole new generation of moviegoers. One can only hope that his recreation with computer technology will be an accurate and respectful one.

Co-starring alongside Yen is retired professional boxer Mike Tyson. He plays a renowned property developer-cum-street fighter who challenges Ip Man in a showdown of Wing Chun kungfu versus heavyweight boxing. Chinese actor and former wushu athlete (Max Zhang 张晋), who was most recently seen in Hong Kong action flick “SPL 2“, also plays a supporting role in this action-packed film.

Ip Man 3 is directed by Wilson Ip and will be a brilliant showcase of authentic Wing Chun (咏春), fighting passion and incredible showmanship.

Now, who else wants to fight 10 men?


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