“Be the one that works for your dream, not the one that wishes for it.”

“Inspirational” is one word that can sum up Lilly Singh’s A Trip 2 Unicorn Island World Tour in Singapore. In a show ranging from musical performances to dance segments and comedic sketches, Lilly pulled out all the stops to do what she does best: Entertain.

Truly an entertainer, rapper and comedian all-in-one, Lilly, who is more famously known as iiSuperwomanii via her channel on YouTube, shook and wowed the crowd in a 2-hour long show Thursday (28th May) night at the Kallang Theatre, where she performed to hundreds of screaming fans in her very first Singapore show.

With a crowd consisting of mostly female teenagers and adolescents, Lilly regularly spoke of how five years ago she suffered from depression and eventually managed to find happiness through loving herself, something which she gladly encouraged among the crowd.

2015-05-28 20.54.52

As a YouTube personality, she brought her comedy skits into actual comedic sketches, with the live impersonations of her virtual parents commonly seen in her videos. Through a social platform which she uses to interact with her viewers, the show was also constantly aimed at engaging the audience, whom she considered her friends and not just fans.

While some jokes fell flat at times, and the show might seem dull for the older audiences in the crowd, Lilly remained consistent with the humour and proved to be a crowd-pleaser for her fans.

As a comedian, Lilly Singh reminded me very much of Russell Peters, as she spoke of coming from an Indian background and being Canadian, as well as jokes on her ethnicity with regards to her social circle back home. She may not be on par with Peters in her stand-up skills (yet), but she made sure to keep things light-hearted.

As a performer, the dance segments were peppered with pop music references, including a short dance segment to Justin Bieber as promised during our interview with her. *wink* Of course she wasn’t alone, as she had the support of an enthusiastic team of dancers.

2015-05-28 21.54.34

Lilly also featured a special surprise appearance by Kanwer Singh aka Humble The Poet where they performed their hit single “#LEH“, much to the joy of her fans.

Ultimately, it was quite the unique show that also felt like a concert at some parts. A Trip 2 Unicorn Island is definitely enjoyable for people of all ages, as Lilly always made sure to emphasise on the need to be happy, stay happy and focus on one’s dreams, as she did with hers.

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