Moosehead gained streetcred when they first engaged ‘Sticker Lady’, skl0 to lend a Peranakan touch to their walls. Aside from the food, which is both innovative and refreshing, they are moving one step further with an artist collaboration with Sheryo & The Yok who have adorned their walls with a moose, who is chilling like a villian in his bermudas on a deck chair. This same moose can now be purchased at Moosehead in the form of exclusive merchandise.

Sheryo & The Yok take on Art Basel (at the Miami Ad School)

Sheryo & The Yok take on Art Basel (at the Miami Ad School)

Homegrown Sheryo started her foray in the street art scene in 2006, and is obsessed with imperfection in her rendition of characters. Her style is what one could say is eclectic, and together with Australian-born The Yok, the formidable duo are taking on the world right now. Places they have conquered? Mexico, NY, Atlanta, LA, Miami, Africa, Belgium, London, Europe, Seoul, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Cambodia… And more to the list soon.

They are definitely ones to watch out for, as recognised by Huffington Post, Complex Magazine and we too, put a stamp of affirmation on their work.

Sheryo & The Yok take on Pow Wow Taiwan

Sheryo & The Yok take on Pow Wow Taiwan

Which could explain why their responses are so minimalistic.

(Because, BRB – too busy taking on the world right now.)

What are your guilty pleasures?

S: Crushing dry leaves

Y: Painting

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

S: Being on the road travelling

Y: New cultures

Post modern art – yay or nay?

S: yay 

Y: yay

Tell us something interesting about yourselves that we wouldn’t have guessed.

S: I like iguanas 

Y: Surfing

The Moosehead x Sheryo T-shirt ($30), and tote bag ($15) will be exclusively for sale at Moosehead from March 2015. For further details, please visit