No, this musical has nothing to do with Hossan Leong’s I Live In Singapura. Instead, Singapura: The Musical is a cleverly-written musical piece with the intention to portray Singapore’s culture and history in the decade leading up to Singapore’s independence, as accurately and dramatically as possible.

Produced by 4th Wall Theatre Company Pte LtdSingapura:The Musical will take audiences on a #throwback journey through Singapore’s history via world-class musical numbers and a compelling storyline. It is a journey of love, hope and new beginnings that most of our our forefathers experienced between 1955 and 1965.

ST Photo: Tiffany Goh

Through the eyes of ordinary men and women, audiences will witness how hope and youthful determination transcend the struggles of everyday life during this time period as Singaporeans strive towards a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Their passion and drive sees them dreaming, hoping and creating – against all odds – a place where they can truly call home.

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Singapura: The Musical was conceptualised by Ed Gatchalian, a celebrated Filipino composer who is also the artistic director and founder of 4th Wall Theatre Company Pte Ltd. Gatchalian has always been intrigued by the story of pre-independence Singapore, and knew that it would capture the entire world if set on a stage.

“You look at Singapore today and you cannot imagine the struggles it went through just 50 years ago. The world knows Singapore as this rich, pristine city. But few know what kind of real life struggles the country’s forefathers faced through historic moments,” said Gatchalian.

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Jonathan Lim, creator of Chestnuts and acting as a dramaturge for the production, pointed out a thought-provoking statement: “While Singaporeans are very good at telling our stories to each other, we need to turn, and talk to the world. We need to believe that our story is international, is universal, is human. Our local culture, identity and history should not be some Singaporean secret that only can be understood in Singlish.”

Watch the trailer below for a teaser of the production’s musical numbers, including “Another Day In Singapore” and “Tomorrow Begins Today”.

Singapura: The Musical will be held at Capitol Theatre, May 19 – June 28.
Tickets are priced from $65 to $175, on sale from 17 Feb 2015.
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