Before you start on your binge watch of House of Cards Season 3 (we’re telling you you’re not going to miss this one), we help recap Seasons 1 & 2 with our top 5 favorite moments so far.

1) Zoe Barnes’ ‘suicide’

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Okay, this is NOT one of our favourite moments, but is definitely one of the top moments so far. Her character was so instrumental and it was empowering to see a female journalist having so much power over a mighty and scheming politician in Frank Underwood. Ultimately, Barnes proved to be too much of a hassle for Underwood and he decided to tie up loose ends. A good move by the producers though, throwing such a huge surprise right in the first episode of season two at the risk of losing viewers. NOT EXPECTED AT ALL.

2) Meechum’s Birthday present for Frank

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 20.53.04Even though Underwood’s security guard was told that he doesn’t celebrate his birthday, Edward Meechum still takes the risk and buys Frank a present. Aptly, Meechum selects a personalised gift – a pair of cufflinks with Underwood’s initials: “F” & “U”. There is no better subtle way to hint at what is to come in the season finale than the cufflinks in question…which brings us to our next favourite moment.

3) THE Threesome

Why, thank you House of Cards producers for leaving us hanging with this steamy threesome at the end of season 2. We knew that Underwood has had homosexual tendencies from the episode where he caught up with his college buddies. But Claire?! Edward?! We need answers of what is going on and what this means for the future, given that Frank is now the President of The United States of America! Producers if you’re reading, you better give us more weird and quirky sex scenes in Season 3.

4) When killing of a dog elicits more disgust than killing a human being

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 21.20.40From the get-go, the future POTUS is shown killing a dog, which was making a nuisance outside the Underwood’s residence, with his bare hands. It is ironic that with the number of lives that Frank takes directly or indirectly throughout the two seasons, people are finding this more shock-worthy than killing of another human being. Well, as Frank Underwood puts it: “We’re murderers, Francis,” Claire says to Frank, to which he calmly replies “We’re survivors.”

5) The dynamics between the Underwoods

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 21.30.45This is definitely one of the best relationships on TV right now and in a long while. Frank and Claire has such an interesting and unique relationship that is difficult to define. Their marriage is not based on traditional love and family values but on power and making the most of each other’s benefits – and it works! They both have affairs openly (come on, the one between Frank and Zoey? Do you really think Claire is not aware?) but yet come home to each other, no matter what. The iconic sharing of their nightly cigarette has more symbolic meaning than probably most sex scenes you’ll ever see. Frank’s marriage vow to Claire was that although he is not going to have children, he will make sure Claire never gets bored. And so far, Frank has not disappointed.

The support they give to each other is tremendous – what they can achieve together is much more than what they are capable of individually. Now that Frank is the POTUS, you can only image what is to come from the Underwoods.


If you are still not convinced, we were lucky enough to catch the first two chapters in the latest installment and you definitely want to find out if Doug lives or dies.

House of Cards Season 3 premieres this Saturday (February 28) on RTL CBS Entertainment. The entire Season 3 will be shown back-to-back starting from 4pm. I guess it’s time to cancel all your plans for this weekend. 

Let us know what you think of Season 3!