If you’re not familiar with the name MunahHirziOfficial you need to sit yourself down and reconsider your life choices.

While that might have been a rather heavy opener, the duo behind the YouTube channel (it’s named after them) simply deserve the clout they now enjoy. They raise awareness for foreign workers living in Singapore through their viral parodies. Their 94,000+ subscribers have arrived at the common consensus that they are King and Queen of Singapore and we should all pay them taxes. They’re sassy as hell and it doesn’t hurt that they are both very pleasing to the eye. The “founding prince and princess of Singapore’s YouTube scene” are none other than Hirzi Zulkiflie and Maimunah “Munah” Bagharib.


Woke up like dis

The channel “MunahHirziOfficial” (shortened to MHO) first started in 2008, and their first video pretty much set the tone for the MHO brand: irreverent, loud, and ultimately leaving you cringing and awe-struck at the same time. Hirzi’s cross-dressing was to get even better over time, with characters like the outspoken domestic helper “Leticiacia Fierce” (he’s a premium member of the #Beyhive) and his blonde-haired “minah” persona coming to life very convincingly.

Six years (and a few viral parody videos) later, MHO is still on top of their game, and have even welcomed two new figures onboard their team: Nadiah M. Din and Hubab Hood. Now armed with a potent mix of more than 5 separate heritages, that same daring attitude, and some incredibly smize-y eyes, the MHO team are ready to take over the world.



The #MHOturns6 party was halved into two shows, of which we attended the latter. Here’s a word of thanks to MHO for getting us to the second show because who else was there but all four members of The Sam Willows, Sezairi Sezali, Dee Kosh, and many others from the local entertainment industry! Oh and about 40 fans, of course.


Hirzi sassed us because the balloon tied to our chair flew off!

Now the biggest question of the day was “What do you do when Hirzi welcomes you in drag?”. Right from the start he was on full throttle: wig, tiny shorts, and all, intimidating the VIP row with his “minah” alter ego at its maximum setting.


Here’s a blurry picture because… #qualitycontent

After scaring making the guests feel at home, MHO went straight into their main highlight of their show: a LIVE performance of their latest parody video, “MINAHCONDA”. We captured the whole thing (booty-shaking and all), and you can watch it here:

Hirzi then demonstrated some of his “#Minahrisms”; three gestures for everyday use that will drastically improve your daily life. Seeing some Malay fans in the audience he even quipped that these steps were “Halal one, don’t worry”. Hirzi Zulkiflie, ladies and gentlemen: YouTuber. Social Activist. Minah. Life Coach.

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@hirzizulkiflie shows us his #Minahrisms. #MHOTurns6

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Munah went for a quick change (they did this very well and very quickly which was amazing) before returning in… a lot less clothing. She revealed that she has been training in pole dancing “for a few months now”, and her moves prove that she’s probably been studying under actual Greek goddesses themselves.

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Of course, no celebration would be complete without @munahbagharib showing us how to weeeeerk a pole. #MHOTurns6

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The duo were in tears during the final segment of the hour-long show, where they addressed the hate that they have gotten over the years for doing what they do on MHO. Being on top is never easy, especially when your content is the polar opposite of conservatives’ values.


“of course sometimes shit goes down when there’s a million dollars in an elevator!”

Keep doing what you do, MunahHirziOfficial! Singapore needs more outspoken talents like you who challenge the notion that Singaporeans are dull and predictable. Here’s to six more years on YouTube and an entire generation of inspired young Singaporeans (and minahs)!


Keep rocking it, MHO!


You can find MunahHirziOfficial on their YouTube channel here.

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