The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is a monthly showcase and celebration of galleries, artists, restaurants, shops and small businesses located in Downtown Los Angeles with a mission of enhancing the economic development and revitalization of the community for business, visitors, and residents” 

Located right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the art walk spans a grand total of 6 blocks long and 3 blocks deep. It is not for the faint hearted, nor the underaged — many of the galleries on display are both risqué and ratchet, combining the essence of downtown into one single showing.

While we did not manage to catch a glimpse of local artist Robert Vargas at the corner of 6th and Spring under his “Our Lady of DTLA” mural, we managed to check out exhibits from The Hive Art Gallery  which were a treat to the eyes. Founded in 2005, The Hive featured artists such as Brian Schetzsle and Farida Lam who’s artworks peppered the entire gallery. Several of the less risque works are displayed below:

DTLA Art Walk

While the time spent at the LA Art Walk was short, the visit was brief and entertaining. More time will definitely be spent on the next visit perusing the live art shows that will be displayed in March. We leave you with a little treat of what we saw, and what will be seen. Stay tuned.