The end of a year marks the beginning of something new. At Popspoken, it takes the form of a new art series entitled, In 10 Masterpieces.

Featuring a different artist in each instalment, this platform serves as light-hearted interpretations of works of art for the common folk to enjoy.

Without clear lines between validity and absurdity, here’s presenting the first of the series with 10 of Amsyar Ashaary’s art pieces accompanied by 10 helpful (somewhat) New Year’s resolution ideas.

The Artist

26 and a student of LASALLE College of the Arts, the Singaporean collage artist regards himself as “a master of vivid dreams and a part-time cucumber”. Now that description is just a mere prelude to his artistic eccentricity.

The retro-esque elements he incorporates into his canvas of experimental, fantasy-driven combinations so often qualify to be one’s computer wallpaper. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The Art

Resolution #1: Maintain a healthy diet, most of the time. While giving in to guilty pleasures once in a while can’t hurt too much, remember that moderation is key.

Resolution #2: Find time to exercise. Even a few minutes a day will do, really.

Resolution #3: Make an effort to relish the little things in life. Take a whiff of the air at daybreak. Watch the birds hop down the street. And at the same time, give thanks for their sweet little existence.

Resolution #4: Open yourself to new adventures. Go forth and be bold.

Resolution #5: Save up a bit of money now and again. Just because, “These are mad times we live in, mad!” (See: Potterhead) Also, you don’t want to end up broke.

Resolution #6: Love thy neighbour, and everyone else around you. For without love, there is nothing.

Resolution #7: Embrace the weirdo within. In short, be comfortable in your own skin and apologise to none—just don’t get cocky.

Resolution #8: Seize each day. Don’t leave them without any memories.

Resolution #9: Relax a little. Don’t let stress wrinkles find their way to your face.

Resolution #10: Start a journal. A life worth recording is a life worth living. Besides, it might get you to do things that’ll make your entries sound more interesting—maybe.

Ashaary keeps most of his masterpieces in a site called The Kolarge. Go ahead and give it a click. It will not disappoint.

Photo credit: The Kolarge