“He’s here! The Phantom of The Opera!” 

A one-second review of the Singapore Leg of The Phantom of the Opera: WOW WOW WOW.

Haunting Singapore’s theatres for the third time in 2 decades, the amazing cast left the audience reeling in their jaws from the ground at the Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre after a 2.5hour of spectacular-ness. Back in Singapore after celebrating its 10,000th show on Broadway earlier this year, Phantom proves and cements itself as the Holy Grail of musicals.

The producer’s reason why Phantom still enthralls the audience even the 3rd time round? It is a timeless classic and the generations who have caught it previously want to share the joy of Phantom with newer generations.


A Report card for the leads of the musical:

Claire Lyon: A. Lyon plays the Phantom’s muse – Christine Daaé. One of the few privileged actresses in the world to have performed in both Phantom of The Opera and its sequel Love Never Dies, she’s a bonafide triple-threat. From the get-go, she dances, sings and acts like a seasoned pro. From her thrill-inducing notes in the Phantom of The Opera music number to belting out Think of Me, she simply flawless.

Popspoken asks Claire Lyon about her history with Christine Daae:

Claire Lyon: Ever since I was about 3 years old, but you never know if you get the opportunity to even audition so the fact that I’m here now in Singapore doing this amazing character is just a dream come true.


Brad Little: A+. Little takes on the title role of the iconic musical. One of only four men to play the Phantom more than 2,000 times – 2,250 to be exact and counting – Little is one with The Phantom, embodying the pain, anguish, anger, love of the title character to the T. It takes a lot to play the Phantom – Little does not has any songs to warm up his voice – his first number he appears on already sees him tackling a tricky high-powered song!

Popspoken found out how Brad Little almost passed on arguably most iconic role on Broadway :

Brad Little: I was playing Raoul (when I found out I got the role). My wife was starring in The King and I – ironically, I almost turned down the role of Phantom because of love.

Of course, needless to say the entire supporting cast of 30 – including the charming Anthony Downing – are immaculate. A musical would not be complete without a stunning orchestra. Mind you, the orchestra is entirely local and they only came together 10 days before the opening night and they sounded like they had played together for decades.

p.s: I was soooo captivated by the gracefulness and technically on-point moves of the ballet-dancers. LOVE THEM!


Every inch of the 150 minute extravagant was so good I don’t know where to even begin. So, instead, here’s my top 3 favorite things/moments from the musical:

1. Magic! Magic! Magic! Lyon let us in on the secret that some magic tricks that will be in the musical but short on giving it away. Keeping my eyes peeled throughout, there were at least three instances my mind went “OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?” – so if you’re going to catch the musical, keep a watchful eye! The technicalities that went into this world-class production is mind-blowing.

2. Visual Effects – The dedication to detail, to me, was going to be make it or break it point for Phantom. The transitions between scenes was seamless and swift that in the blink of an eye, you see a new scene before your eyes!

I was particularly impressed with how they managed to create scene where the Phantom brought Christine to his underground lair on a boat. The stage was transformed convincing into a waterway was amazing!

The Phantom of The Opera is the largest – logistics wise – production that the Mastercard Theatre at Marina Bay Sands have ever seen! And rightly so. The costumes and sets of the Phantom was so intricately designed it brought so much more depth to the stage and enhanced the viewing pleasure.

I mean, just look at the scene straight out of Masquerade! 

3. The Final Scene. A masterpiece like Phantom deserves an equally befitting finale. In the epic 10-minute closing scene, Raoul, The Phantom and Christine lay everything out there on the stage – their passion, love, hatred, anger, pain and sacrifice. A personal favorite scene of both Brad Little and Claire Lyon (and now mine), the acting was so intense and they trio were so in-one with their characters, as if they would part of them.


Well, the only fault that I could find with the entire musical is that the connection between Raoul and Christine was not as intense as I would have liked it to be. Afterall, they have a long history and are supposed to share a burning love for each other.

Regardless, the musical compensated for that tiny lapse in every way possible and the fact that I’m still having the soundtrack of Phantom on repeat two days after – enough said.


The show had such a good pace and was so captivating, it seemed like it lasted for less than 10 minutes! If only it could go on and on and on……….

……and because we love our readers so much, here’s a sneak peek of the wonder you can expect!

The Phantom of The Opera runs till 25th August 2013.

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