Come April 2013, the deeply emotive Edges the Musical will debut in Singapore. Edges examines the lives of four, fiesty young adults at the edge of their lives – confronting emotions, escaping expectations, and deciphering complicated relationships. Aside from the happy, campy youthful side of it, the show casts a reflection of youthful triumphs, unavoidable mistakes, love lost and love found.

Edges the Musical has been performed over 100 times across North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. It is written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, youngest recipients of the Jonathan Larson Award.

In conjunction with the director’s (Derrick Chew) vision of nurturing young actors, Edges’ cast includes LASALLE’s Musical Theatre graduates Mina Kaye (Company, Into the Woods), Linden Furnell (La Cage Aux Folles, Cat in the Hat) and Kristy Griffin (Goldilocks, Betty Boop). One quarter of local indie band, The Sam Willows and voted as one of the faces to watch in 2013 by ST LIFE!, Benjamin Kheng, also joins this stellar line-up.

Expect humour, heart, humanity, surprises and situations Singaporeans of all ages can relate to. Definitely a theatrical event worth going for!



Popspoken: Who/what is your biggest inspiration?
Mina: Bernadette Peters! She is the reason I’m pursuing Musical Theatre as a career.

Popspoken: Are you able to connect with the characters staged in Edges?

Mina: Definitely. What the characters go through in Edges is pretty universal, every person at the cusp of adulthood will experience some sort of self-discovery, taking risks, learning through relationships and dealing with heartbreaks. It’s a reflection of the life of a young adult.

Popspoken: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Mina: Besides getting to theatre an hour prior to call time (cos I like to take my time doing hair, make-up and costume, leaving ample time for stretching and vocal warm-ups), I do have this odd “ritual” where I MUST peek through the curtains to look at the audience before the show starts to calm myself down. Acknowledging the presence of an audience helps me feel relaxed because it makes me feel like I’m part of audience watching the show. If I didn’t have time to practice this “ritual”, I’ll probably freak myself out when the curtain goes up!


Popspoken: Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

Kristy: The most significant influence in everything I do, whether it be onstage or off, is my younger brother, Brad. He tackles challenges with a great sense of humour.

Popspoken: Are you able to connect with the characters staged in Edges?

Kristy: The characters in Edges are very relatable. Some of their stories draw direct parallels with my own experiences, some I can relate to things I’ve seen friends and colleagues experience. There is a story that everyone can connect with in Edges.

Popspoken: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Kristy: Not really. Everyday you walk into the theatre is different, so it’s important just to find some time to focus before the show starts.


Popspoken: What was the inspiration behind the play and who was the crowd you wanted to reach out to?

Derrick: Edges is an off Broadway, contemporary musical about four burgeoning young adults at the edge of their lives. The musical poses coming of age questions such as – who are we, what do we want to become?

Edges’ pop-culture references, themes of change and freakishly familiar situations are universal and something that everyone can relate to. The show is a compelling and emotive ride that gets audience of all ages reflecting on their younger years – where mistakes define who we become, love seemed to last forever and reality hadn’t hit yet…

Popspoken: Were there any challenges when staging it in the local context. If yes, how were they overcome?

Derrick: To be honest, that wasn’t much of a challenge as the topics and themes the musical highlighted are all very universal and relatable – wherever one may be.

Popspoken: What made you choose to stage Edges amongst all other plays?

Derrick: I first came across the music of Edges a year ago and remember falling in love with it. I was at a crossroad in my life at that point and the music really spoke to me and I could totally relate to that.

I didn’t think much of it until a couple of months later when Linden and Kristy (cast members) approached me to collaborate with them on a project. We tossed a few ideas and one of them mentioned Edges. I re-listened to the music and once again, could really feel the music speaking to me. I made a couple of phone calls and put together a preliminary budget. The people I wanted to work with were available, the figures made sense, the planets were all aligned – and I knew this was the show I had to do.


Event: Edges the Musical

Date: 3 – 19 April 2013, Mondays – Fridays: 8pm, Saturdays: 5pm & 8pm, No show on Sundays

Venue: Drama Centre Blackbox National Library

Price: $38

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