We are so stoked for this, you have no idea. Two of our huge Singapore celebrity crushes are in a drama. TOGETHER.

Table read for Get Social

Table read for Get Social. (Photo: Ervin Han)

Random Island actress Oon Shu An and ELLE Awards-winner George Young both went to social media to break the news that they were starring side-by-side in a new web series on online portal xinmsn called Get Social. The drama also stars Shane Mardjuki, Lim Pei Fen and Vanessa Vanderstraaten. Vanessa was part of the then-axed-now-allowed movie Sex.Violence.FamilyValues. Get Social is executive produced by Ervin Han from Scrawl Studios.

In a tweet, Shu An calls Get Social a “mockumentary style drama”. According to an inside source, Get Social is a new drama about social platforms that is set for release after xinmsn web drama 96°C Café finishes its run. Filming and table reads started on January 22.

In a tweet from George Young, he seemed less than impressed by Shu An’s choice of wardrobe to wear to set. He said, “Someone forgot to wear pants to set this morning,” before posting the picture below:

Oon Shu An

(Photo: George Young/Twitter)

(We still think Shu An looks fly.)

Apparently, Shane was feeling somewhat under the weather prior to filming. In a tweet, he said, “Day 1 of shoot tomorrow. Day 1 of flu of death today. Hip hip hooray?” He still looked sprightly on set, based on pictures from Vanessa’s Instagram profile and Oon Shu An’s Twitter profile. On the latter, Shane pulls a duck face with a whiteboard behind him, of what appears to be financial business projections.

Shane & George

(Photo: Oon Shu An/Twitter)

We can’t wait to hear more from this drama — with such a great cast, there is bound to be high expectations for the drama to deliver. Shu An, Shane and George are represented by FLY Entertainment.