The 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards rolled round once again on September 24 (Singapore time) at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. For 64 years, television has been honoured and made fun of – but never quite like this year’s. The gags just went on and on as Tracy Morgan passed out on stage and Claire Danes said that foul word – “holla”. Honey Boo Boo references aside, the night went to Homeland and Modern Family for wins in show and acting while surprise wins came from Tom Bergeron for variety host and Jon Cryer for comedy lead.

The awards are a hogwash of blah (except for all you Sherlock fans who are screaming on Twitter and Tumblr about the show’s losses) but the gags made it spectacular. We had a hard time distilling it to just five but with the powers of editing, Aziz Ansari’s British accent and Christina Hendrick’s spilling boobs, voila! Here are our 5 top moments that showed what TV really is – a trashy, disgusting world filled with attention-seekers and wannabes. And one that we happen to love, by the way.

1) Amy Poehler mixing up scripts with Julia Louie-Dreyfus

Parks and Recreation has been known to be one of the new generation of comedies to be regularly snubbed at awards shows and Amy Poehler must have known about that going in this year. So, one of the most brilliant moments of the night happened: she mixed up speeches with winner and former Saturday Night Live actress Julia Louie-Dreyfus. Julia read the wrong speech and Amy herself went on stage to pass her the real script with an added line at the very end – “Isn’t it a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win?”. Priceless.

2) Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad share a kiss

Two straight men kissing on television: that’s bound to give fanfiction makers all hot and bothered. When Aaron Paul won for his acting, he turned to fellow castmate and nominee Giancarlo Esposito for a tight embrace. Then, Aaron went for the big ol’ smoch but alas, any hopes that GIFs could have been made were dashed as Aaron’s shoulder blocked the camera view. Aaron proves that in showing brotherly love (if he’s not gay), fist bumps are so 2011.

3) Seth McFarlane’s many boo-boos

We were excited to see this Ted star because well, he is part of all our biggest wet dreams as Stewie on Family Guy. Seth came out to present the award for reality host in the centre of the stage. Notice how the camera initially pans to stage right before jerking and following Seth instead. In those precious and awkward few seconds when the mic is being raised for him, he realises his bluff and shifts to his right. Ever the witty one, he breaks out a hilarious Stewie line before summing up the crazy world of reality in one run-on sentence that we are copying into our dictionaries.

4) That Colbert/Fallon/Stewart tussle trying to get on stage

Yes, The Daily Show by Jon Stewart wins once again for variety show. This being its 10th win, Jon himself was seen on camera holding hands with fellow nominees Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. As the winner is announced, Jon stands up to head to stage but his other nominees would not have it. What followed can only be described as magical: Colbert and Fallon pinning Stewart to the ground and pulling him back as he struggles to get on stage. These boys clearly show who are the real comedians in the room. Physical comedy wins.

5) Josh Groban milking the emotion out of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful”

This has got to be the best one of the night simply because we saw it coming but did not expect such a funny skit. Jimmy himself has used Groban’s funnybone in a skit on his talkshow promoting an album of Kanye West tweets sung by Groban. We knew Kimmel could not pass up another opportunity to shop Groban out, but he went one up by taking the In Memoriam segment to create a montage dedicated to him. However, it is Groban’s heartwrenching and completely believable interpretation of One Direction’s single “What Makes You Beautiful” that had us in stitches. Is it about time Groban considered a career in comedy?