The 2012 Primetime Emmy nominations were announced just a few hours ago by Kerry Washington and Jimmy-“is this a sex tape”-Kimmel, who both stepped out in PJs. Firstly, many shows were snubbed here for big nominations, including Game of Thrones, House, American Idol, Parks & Recreation and yes, the good ol’ Glee. The favourites get love again like Modern Family and Mad Men, but new entrants like Girls, Veep, Breaking Bad and New Girl balance out the list well.

Mad Men and American Horror Story earned the most nominations with 17 each, with Downton Abbey and Modern Family trailing with 16 and 14 nominations respectively. You can see the nominations list here, so here we go with our bite-sized predictions for who will win the highlight categories (who wants to read long gibberish s*it? anyway):


Outstanding Comedy Series: Everyone really just wants Girls to win, but I think the Academy’s not warmed-up to it yet. It will be Modern Family again.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: I’m sensing a Parks & Rec snub (sorry Amy Poehler). This will go to Lena Dunham for Girls because people just love and hate her so much.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Jim Parsons? Jim Parsons? Yeah, Jim Parsons.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: The late Kathryn Joosten could win it for Desperate Housewives, but I’m guessing it will go to Kristen Wiig of (former) SNL fame.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: 4 MODERN FAMILY NOMS?! Amongst the 4, it will most probably go to Ty Burrell this time for his stellar act as Phil Dunphy.

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series: Maya Rudolph for SNL? Uh huh.

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series: Will Arnett really deserves some 30 Rock cred, but this will go to Greg Kinnear from Modern Family.


Outstanding Drama Series: Mad Men deserve all the cred it has, but something tells me Downton Abbey will snatch this from them. Maybe it’s got to do with the ruffles.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Michelle Dockery will take it for her turn as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey, but I’m also placing bets on Homeland’s Claire Danes. Just because it’s goddamn Homeland.


Supporting Actress In A Drama Series: Maggie Smith as the dowager countess in Downton Abbey, ‘fo sho.

Supporting Actor In A Drama Series: This sounds like the perfect category to appease the Game of Thrones fans. Peter Dinklage FTW.


Outstanding Variety Series: Oh look, no Letterman! Double yay! Colbert Report may be academy fave, but something tells us Jimmy Fallon may get it. Jimmy KImmel’s way too hip anyway.

Outstanding Variety Special: Firstly, can we just say how lucky B-list Kathy Griffin (and Bravo) managed to squeeze in this list? This is a shoo-in for Betty White because they forgot to honour Whitney Houston before she passed on. Or because everyone loves Betty White.

Outstanding Reality Program: Once again, the line of what is hip is glaring here: no wins for MythBusters, unfortunately. Jamie Oliver has Ryan Seacrest’s backing, so he might just take one for the team.

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program: Finally, no Survivor! The Voice will take this due to its success. Sorry, The Amazing Race.

Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program: Carson Daly (Voice host) gets snubbed here in favour for Ryan Seacrest (Idol). But once again, Betty White will win this. The Academy works in weird, guilt-ridden ways.

Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us @popspoken.