Maybe there was too much hype, but host Ricky Gervais did not exactly pull the punches we were expecting from the Brit. Watch the clip here and tell us what you think!

It seemed that third time was going to be a charm for Ricky Gervais, the man who had been battered to a pulp by straitlaced America after demeaning virtually everyone in the entertainment industry and almost outing Tom Cruise (oops) at last year’s Golden Globe Awards.

Or so we thought.

To be very fair, the funnyman’s opening monologue at this year’s Globes was, well, funny. He took stabs at Kim Kardashian, the Hollywood Foreign Press for being hypocritical retards, network NBC and even took liberties to correlate Justin Bieber’s virility to Martha Stewart’s turkey basters. (Oh, the vigour! The juice!) He was just faced with one problem: our expectations. Almost everyone tuned into the Golden Globes, minus the conservatives who are too wrapped up trying to kick Obama out of the White House, was expecting Gervais to slay. Big time.

What happened was a half-hearted attempt to demean everything we thought he wouldn’t demean because they were predictable and easy targets. When the recent spate of divorces was past its expiry date in the jokes pantry, he mustered a “just kidding!” when poking fun at the very people that are paying him to host the awards.

What happened to evil, mean Gervais that we love?

Gervais spoke up for the commonfolk last year by bashing up the privileged lot in the ballroom, wearing luxurious gowns and preparing long speeches. We know Tom Cruise is one hardworking actor – reports stated his diligence in staying past end times to help other actors in their scenes – but the hiding-in-the-closet joke was classic Gervais: mocking people then laughing over it, knowing full well that jokes make people into subjects disassociated with their real selves. In other words, he makes them laugh at themselves by painting caricatures of their supposed public lives.

This year’s crowd did partake in laughter, especially when Gervais red out a list of no-nos from the organisers, including a double joke about not mentioning Jodie Foster’s movie Beaver, starring Mel Gibson. (“I haven’t seen it myself. I spoken to a lot of guys here, they haven’t seen it either. That doesn’t mean it’s not any good.”) Yes, there is another meaning to that.

We expected something out of epic proportions – mocking the nominated movies, how Glee is way past its prime and Ryan Murphy is an arse for producing another show, calling out Sofia Vergara for fake boobs, commenting on the improved plastic appeal of the above-50 class, berating Ryan Gosling for not turning up despite being nominated for 2 awards and plenty of smack at Madonna and Elton John for sticking out like sore thumbs at the unpretentious show. Imagine Gaga at the Globes – clear the table, the Chalayan vessel needs to rest somewhere!

Maybe I’m a spoil sport trying to mock Gervais’s ineptitude with my tepid sense of humour. (I have none – ask Siri.) Maybe Gervais was indeed toning it down, a clear sign at the conspiracy theory that if he does provoke badly, he’ll come back again which is something I do not quite think he wants to do. Whatever it is, my opinion is that Gervais flopped – if you compare hype with delivery. If we took away all the hype, Gervais’ performance could have been stunning.

Check out the full monologue below, plus his other stage moments and judge for yourself.