Can you say “Real Tai-Tais of Singapore”? Wah piang eh, double confirm all these aunties will sure complain one, correct anot?

Probably the most scandalous thing to hear from Singapore’s tai-tai set is the amount of plastic surgery they get. Well, it looks like some are about to get the recognition their silicone inserts finally deserve when the Real Housewives franchise hits Asia.

The Hollywood Reporter’s January 4 cover story broke the news that the Real Housewives is set to go international. It has already done so in Greece & Israel, with a Vancouver spinoff in March. Casting is underway for the French series and now Singapore gets to be part of the action. Other countries planned for the international expansion include Australia’s Gold Coast, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

This means that the Real Houseviews franchise would be the first television docu-soap to franchise overseas. The Real Housewives entity has earned cable network Bravo more than S$200 million in the past 2 years from advertising alone. Viewership has been high, with some 2 million people tuning in at any one episode.

We are not sure if Singapore’s 5 million population compares to the popularity that Real Housewives stars get in the US but they average more than 100,000 Twitter followers and receive six-figure salaries each season, on top of book deals and product endorsements. Former New York housewife Bethenny Frankel has even successfully acquired her own spinoff, which is hitting its third season on February 2011.

Not bad for a bunch of rowdy women who whine and dine on television. We can expect Singapore’s elite social circle to finally unravel itself to the public after being carefully hidden away from prying eyes for a long time, for the claws have just begun to come out.

Says Linda Ong, president of brand strategy advisor Truth Consulting: “People want to watch rich girls behaving badly. The franchise started as a real-life Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous but became this cultural analysis after the economic breakdown. Every town became a sociological experiment, a very real-time reflection of what was happening to the 1 percent.”

Perez Hilton is definitely excited over the international expansion. In his own words: “The more, the merrier!”

As of now, there is no specific casting date or premiere details announced for Real Housewives’s Singapore series but we’ll definitely pass it on to you the moment we have it. Speaking of which, we have a couple of tai-tais in mind for this one…

Be afraid, Singapore. Be very afraid.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Perez Hilton)