Two epic instalments later and the franchise slides right into a straight-to-DVD release directed by Scott Spiegel. Eli Roth’s absence from this feature has left fans disappointed but hey, someone’s gotta helm Endangered Species, right? Here’s our take on this rather decent VOD sequel.


Groom-to-be Scott (Brian Hallisay) takes a trip to Sin City with his best buddies Carter (Kip Pardue), Justin (John Hensley) and Mike (Skyler Stone) for a night of their lives. Two attractive escorts Nikki (Zulay Henao) and Kendra (Sarah Habel) lead them to a private party way off the strip and everyone soon finds themselves the subjects of a perverse bidding game coerced by the Elite Hunting Club.


What else can you expect from a low-budget DVD release besides mediocre acting and squirts of gore?

The new Wolfpack - Carter, Justin, Scott and Mike

The new Wolfpack – Carter, Justin, Scott and Mike

While Brian Hallisay makes for a dull leading lad, his comrades Kip Pardue and John Hensley portray much feistier characters. The former is really quite sinister while the latter’s innocent disposition leaves us empathetic.

Thankfully, annoying and baseless characters were not present in this film (hint: Wrong Turn 4). When you’re not rooting for someone to escape torture, you’re shivering from the plot’s intensity.

Boo Boos & Highlights

Lacklustre torture and killings sadly disparage the film. While the first kill cements the film’s ambience quite tastefully, the acts that follow put a dent in its otherwise quite sturdy vigor. For example, while the cheerleader outfit worked great (above), the choice of poison wasn’t  as impressive. Budget constraints might have limited the amount of torture gags but there really isn’t any reason to put a lid on creativity.

Bless actress Zulay Henao for enduring a "Fear Factor" moment.

Bless actress Zulay Henao for enduring a “Fear Factor” moment.

In Hostel 3, every stereotype you’ve garnered from the first two installments are thrown back in your face, leaving you feeling like a satisfied nut.  The build-up is pretty intense and brilliant, with the basis of a potent soundtrack and creepy female archer in the third act. Everything comes together wonderfully once the true antagonist is revealed, leading to a playful mix of twists and turns.


Loyal Hostel fans won’t be too pleased about the lack of gore and creative torture in this sequel. But what the film lacks in blockbuster material, it makes up for in gorgeous intensity. Overall, a great way to pick up where the franchise left off, with a sprightly change of scenery that complements the series well.

While not as memorable as its predecessors in terms of horror, this DVD affair packs a healthy dose of shabby dialogue and acting as well as burning vehemence, which ultimately carry you through till credit roll. Another commendable effort is the clever twist on both intro and end numbers. Considering how the horror movie industry is seriously lacking in some good sh*t nowadays, we’re rather thankful for this mildly ambitious shot that doesn’t try too hard to live up to Roth’s faculty.

Rating: 3.5/5

This is Mr & Mrs Ravenous, checking out of the Hostel!