I was hesitant about watching Paranormal Activity 3 because the last installment I watched had caused me sleepless nights. It’s almost impossible to top that movie.

It was so downright scary & brilliant, that I was pretty convinced that it’s real.
(I remember Googling about it, wanting to find out if the movie was based on true events!)

Fast forward to last week, when I (reluctantly) watched Paranormal Activity 3 with a bunch of friends.


The third instalment of the Paranormal Activity franchise, the movie was set as a prequel and was dated back in 1988, 18 years earlier where it all started when Katie & Kristi were still children. They live with their mom, Julie & her boyfriend, Dennis who caught all the “sightings” on tape.

Young Kristi begins talking to an invisible friend named “Toby” and Dennis noticed that since “Toby” appeared, strange things have been happening in the house.

He set up cameras in the house and saw all the strange incidents taking place at night, most scary footage can be found in the girls’ room.

Plot & Characters

Young Kristi played by Jessica Tyler Brown is definitely the star of the movie. Her acting has a lot of maturity; it is innocent yet fearless as she is the only one who has a direct contact with “Toby”.

There were few times in the movie where she calmly mentioned that “Toby” is around and the look of Julie & Dennis faces at that point? Simply priceless.

Young Katie (played by Chloe Csengery) didn’t disappoint either with her performance when she offended “Toby” and was at the receiving end of his wrath. Trust me, that was probably one of the epic moments during the movie.

There were couple of “OMG” scenes in the movie that got the girls screaming and some men in the audience cringing in agony.

I still feel that Paranormal Activity 2 is the scariest of the lot, there were more “ghostly encounters” scenes while Paranormal Activity 3 played it mild with the scary factor.

I was really hoping that they would push the envelope further and introduce more scary elements into the third movie, but oh well.

I’m not going to do a spoiler but thankfully the ending was not disappointing: in fact, it ended in a very twisted, sick way.

The Verdict

If you have not watched any of the instalments, I suggest you do a marathon starting with Paranormal Activity 3. Somehow i think it is better to watch it backwards. But if you had already watched the last 2 movies, continue on. It’s still worth it!

In the end, it is the same winning plot: believable horror that brings us to the classic days of “Poltergeist”.

Note: Some of the scenes on the trailer didn’t make it to the big screen but nothing much to fret about!

Rating: 3.5/5

(I wonder where & what did they do with the $5 million budget?)

Written by: Furstinna