I have a habit.

Whenever I am about to watch any performance at all, may it be a movie or a play or drumming, I will try and abstain from anything that may concern that performance. This is to prevent me from having any predisposition or expectations at all. A blank slate of paper.

Hence I went to catch Drum Tao with no expectations. I didn’t even know much about it, besides the fact that drums may be involved. After 2 hours of non-stop drumming, I must say that truly enjoyed myself.

My advice to all that is reading this is to stop reading and go book your tickets now. Drum Tao is in Singapore till the 3rd of September. You can return to this article after booking your tickets.

Here’s the LINK . Go now. Trust me.


Welcome back.

Drum Tao is an act that involves drums and many other traditional Japanese instruments which I can’t name, mixed with a little martial arts to form one of the most exciting, heart pounding, fun, humorous and lovable performances I have ever seen. One may think that drumming may get boring after a while. I mean how long can a drum solo last, right?

Drum Tao’s creativity must be applauded. They manged to create incredibly mesmerizing scenes with nothing more than well, drums. For example, a scene that involved an imaginary game of table tennis was absolute genius. However, I think the reason why Drum Tao was so captivating to watch was because the artists seemed like they were genuinely enjoying themselves. Being pretty close to the stage, (Thank you organisers of this event) I managed to see the faces of the performers. They were happy and they were loving it.

This enjoyment managed to make its way to the audience who, I can safely say, were having a great time.

Lastly, I must applaud a female drummer/performer. Her name is Asuka Iwatani and her performance was absolutely breathtaking.  My standing ovation goes to her… and well, she is pretty too.

In conclusion, Drum Tao is brilliant show and if you have followed my instructions, you are now on your way catch it. Enjoy yourself and bask in the music!

Written by: PerryFelixShen