From the creators of Ice Age… comes a hilarious, heart warming love story about: B I R D S

A young little macaw, Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) who was taken away from his natural habitat Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to the town of Minnesota ends up back in Rio when a wild life expert told Blu’s owner, Linda that he was the last male of his kind, and that they needed him to mate with another female macaw, Jewel (Anne Hathaway). However both macaws were kidnapped by hunters who intend to sell them for a lump sum of money. From there, both Macaws began their eye-opening and thrilling quest to escape from the hunters and the hunters’ bird, Nigel.

Why should you watch it?

Well firstly, I caught it for Jesse Eisenberg. I loved him in The Social Network, and to hear his voice in an animation for a role like Blu… was awesome. I can’t get over how Jesse Eisenberg made Blu undeniably lovable! It’s like his voice was tailored for a role like Blu!

Secondly, if you are a fan of movies like Kung Fu Panda, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Up… etc then you should definitely catch Rio. Just like any other animations, Rio didn’t fail in making me feel all fuzzy wuzzy at the end when all the birds did their massive bird dance. It’s all so magical and unrealistic and cute.

Thirdly, it’s hilarious. Yes. I wouldn’t usually label cartoons to be hilarious (Except Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda. You have to give him credit for his voice as Po.) Whether it was Jamie Fox/Will.I.Am’s entertaining songs or Jane Lynch’s “Sue Sylvester” attitude in a goose, or just Jesse Eisenberg’s voice as a wild-life retard, Rio had the entire cinema laughing from start till the end.

Small birds, big birds, fat birds, and a salivating bull dog, Luiz (Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock). You get what I mean… was Nemo (Finding Nemo) cute? Was Po (Kung Fu Panda) cute? Was Russell (Up) cute? I rest my case. Oh, if you find Angry Birds cute, you should also purchase the DVD of Rio.

Why should you not watch it?

You abhor cartoons. I have no other reasons as to why you should not watch Rio.


Tell us if we’re wrong once you’ve caught Rio! It’s definitely a good watch, and it can count for some National Geography… right? …No? *Looks around*
Chirp chirp, chirp chirp chirp!

Check out the trailer here :

Written by: StreetsofBlue